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Continuing its activities as the pioneer of innovations in its sector, Metfren has been offering the brake parts produced in European standards to the world market since 2001.

It is the supplier of Volvo, Iveco, Ford, Renault, Man, Mercedes, Scania, Daf, BMC, Dodge and Middle Aestern countries.

Without compromising the quality of Metfren, with its R&D and innovation studies, contributes.



What Is Brake Calipers ? 
Brake calipers are a vital part of your vehicle’s brake. The brake calipers do not press the disc so that the vehicle’s stopping power can be produced. Bearing the lining to start, carrying the lining and back and forth towards the disc are the hydraulic parts that provide the necessary movement.

Stuck, rusted calipers cause various problems in the brake. These; brake tightening, disk wheel wheel rim warming up, lifetime of the pad shortening, injuring the disc, bending the disc, irregular finishing of the lining and disc They cause scratches. If the calipers rust, in your vehicle Pulling to the right or left may occur when the brake is applied.

Brake Caliper How Does It Work ?
When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake comes from hydraulic pipes and hoses. pressurized brake hydraulic oil enters through the connection record on the brake caliper, acts on the piston inside the caliper cylinder and by pushing the piston forward It provides pads to rub against pressing brake disc